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Me pēhea te rīpoata waipuketanga, i ngā whakamōrearea waipuke rānei

How to report flooding or flood risks

Stormwater flooding is a significant threat to life and property in Auckland. Here's how to let us know about flooding and flood risks.


If there is an immediate risk to life or property, call 111. This covers flooding on both private property or public land.

Stormwater flooding happening now

To report flooding happening now, phone us:

09 301 0101

Flooding on a highway or motorway

If the flooding is on a highway or motorway, call Waka Kotahi | NZ Transport Agency on 09 969 9800.

Flooding caused by burst water main

For flooding caused by burst water main, call Watercare Services on 09 442 2222.

You can also send a free text to 3130.

Blockage or other stormwater issue

You can phone us on 09 301 0101 to:

  • report stormwater flooding risks like blocked drains, culverts, catchpits or grates
  • request an investigation following a flood or stormwater event.

You can also use our written query form if the problem doesn't require an urgent response. 

Flooding from a neighbour's property

You are responsible for flooding and blockages on your property.

If you're experiencing regular, minor flooding due to a problem on your neighbour's property, talk to your neighbour about how to resolve the issue.

Flooding from your neighbour's property can be caused by:

  • blockages (including fences blocking overland flow paths)
  • broken pipes or guttering
  • construction
  • heavy rain
  • flooded waterways
  • landscaping
  • damage to property.

See Who maintains stormwater pipes and drains and Who maintains watercourses.

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