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Rāhui waipiro me ngā mahere rāhui waipiro

Alcohol bans and alcohol ban maps

We adopted the Alcohol Control Bylaw in 2014. The bylaw provides a single Auckland wide approach for introducing alcohol bans.

Permanent alcohol bans

Alcohol is banned in some public places in Auckland, like parks and streets, at certain times.

During the hours of a ban you cannot drink, possess or bring alcohol into those public places. These rules also apply if you are in a vehicle.

Some bans are in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other bans are in place only at night-time or during daylight savings.

The bans aim to reduce crime and disorder in public places.

Temporary alcohol bans

Temporary alcohol bans are sometimes put in place for major events to ensure the event is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Temporary alcohol bans are publicised before the event and there will be signs at the event itself.

Recurring temporary event alcohol bans

Recurring temporary event alcohol bans automatically apply for all major events at:

  • Auckland Domain
  • Eden Park
  • Mount Smart Stadium
  • Western Springs Stadium and Outer Fields.

These bans include fan trails. Fan trails are an official route for event attendees to walk to an event venue.

Get a copy of Alcohol ban map — event-based temporary alcohol bans

Enforcing alcohol bans

The police enforce alcohol bans to help make our communities and public places safer.
Police officers will issue a fine for a breach of an alcohol ban.
They can issue a fine:
  • instantly (without arrest)
  • after an arrest for breaching the alcohol ban
  • by post, after the breach has occurred.

​Exceptions to alcohol bans

Alcohol bans do not apply to:

  • licensed premises - for example, buying alcohol at an outdoor event that holds a special licence or drinking while dining on the footpath at a restaurant holding a ‘BYO’ alcohol on-licence
  • transporting alcohol in an unopened container in certain circumstances - for example, moving alcohol from a supermarket to your home.

​Alcohol ban areas

You can view alcohol ban locations using Geomaps.

Click on the Legend option on the top-left of the page. Then click on the down arrow for Bylaws.

Use the zoom option to locate alcohol ban areas.

The maps on this page show alcohol ban locations by local board area.

If you don't know your local board, use the address search.

​More information

See Alcohol Control Bylaw 2014 to find out more about how alcohol bans are created.

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