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5. Apply and pay for your mobile trading licence

You should know

The licencing office will be closed from 12pm(noon) on Tuesday 22 December 2020 to Tuesday 5 January 2021. If you submit an application during this period, we will begin processing it from Wednesday 6 January 2021.

If your licence is due to expire before or during this period, please contact the street trading team to renew your licence before Monday 21 December 2020.

Any new licence applications received after Friday 18 December 2020 will not begin to be processed until 6 January 2021.

See Ways to pay online for information on all payment options.


​Apply online

​We will process your completed application within 10 working days.

We will contact you if there are any delays with your application.

You need to pay the application fee when you apply. The fee is non-refundable.

Our tip

If we approve your application you will need to pay a rental fee (the fee amount will depend on where you are trading) before you start trading.

One of our Street Trading Inspectors will confirm your rental fees after your application has been approved.