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Ngā whakaritenga auahi kore mō ngā raihana taiwhanga kai o waho

Smokefree requirement for outdoor dining licences

If your restaurant, bar or cafe has a licence to use the footpath or public space outside for dining, that space needs to be smokefree.

About the smokefree requirement

New outdoor dining licences will have a smokefree requirement included in the terms and conditions.

If you have an existing licence, this requirement will be added when it comes up for renewal during the year.

If you do not comply with the smokefree requirement, we can revoke your outdoor dining licence.

Free smokefree signage

We have created a range of signs to help you let your customers know that your outdoor areas are now smokefree.

You can order the signs for free on the Smokefree signage for outdoor dining licence holders page.

The Fresh Air Project

If you want your business to be smokefree and vapefree, you can sign up to the Fresh Air Project.

This initiative, run by the Cancer Society, provides support to businesses that have made their outdoor areas smokefree and vapefree.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Fresh Air Project website.

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