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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 1: Encourage all Aucklanders to be stewards of the environment, and to make sustainable choices

Aucklanders interact with the natural environment each and every day.

​Early Māori expressed their culture and whakapapa in the natural environment.  This included the meaning and significance of cultural practices, physical landscapes and their waahi tapu

This continues with all people of New Zealand.

In our own ways we all value and enjoy the natural environment. We must therefore all engage in its protection and conservation and act as stewards of the environment. It also means we have to ensure our many interactions with the environment are sustainable.

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How this can be done

This approach needs to be part of our daily decisions, whether we are acting as individuals or as businesses and industries.

Our choices and behaviours have a direct impact on the environment, whether they are, for example:

  • the choices we make about the food and other products that we consume and use
  • how we travel to work or school
  • the products we use to construct and maintain our buildings
  • the way we manage manufacturing processes
  • how we deal with the reuse or recycling of resources.

We all can, and must, shift from simply using and drawing on the environment to becoming active stewards of it.

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