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Direction 2: Apply a Māori world view to treasure and protect our natural environment (taonga tuku iho)

Te ao Māori explains the natural order of things or our place in the world.

It acknowledges the relationship between our natural environment and people, and our deep dependence on the environment for wellbeing and prosperity.

​Te ao Māori concepts such as kaitiakitanga, rangatiratanga, whanaungatanga and manaakitanga offer Auckland an integrated approach to protecting and enhancing our treasured environments for ourselves and for future generations.

Embedding these concepts into our thinking and decision-making supports a focus on the connection between the natural environment and people.

Mana whenua, through whakapapa, are related to all living and non-living things in the natural world. They:

  • are part of the natural world
  • are people who belong to the land
  • identify themselves in relation to their surrounding environment.

For Māori, the expression of kaitiakitanga is a fundamental concept linked to caring for the environment for future generations.

Mana whenua have a unique relationship with the natural environment as kaitiaki. They are active guardians who protect and care for the environment.

Māori hold an enduring relationship with the land, marine and freshwater environments and have deep and valuable knowledge. Māori knowledge and knowledge systems are known as mātauranga Māori.

Mātauranga is located and stored in the land, landmarks, and waters. It is based on generations of place and nature-based observations and experiences.

It continually evolves and expands, and comes in a variety of forms that include:

  • pūrākau (stories)
  • wāhi tapu (sacred sites)
  • maramataka (lunar calendar)
  • waiata (songs)
  • rongoā (medicines).

Integrating a Māori worldview provides us with a new way of thinking about the natural environment, te taiao.

Integrating te ao Māori values and concepts into our daily lives, behaviours and decisions is a positive way to ensure we protect and enhance the mauri of the natural environment.

For more information read the Māori identity and wellbeing outcome.

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