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Direction 2: Apply a Māori world view to treasure and protect our natural environment (taonga tuku iho)

​Te ao Māori concepts such as kaitiakitanga, rangatiratanga, whanaungatanga and manaakitanga offer Auckland an integrated approach to protecting and enhancing our treasured environments for ourselves, and for future generations.

Embedding these concepts into our thinking and decision-making supports a focus on the interrelationships between the natural environment and people.

Mana whenua have a unique relationship with the natural environment as kaitiaki.

They hold an enduring relationship with the land, marine and freshwater environments and have deep and valuable knowledge.

Their body of knowledge – both tangible and intangible – cultural practices and heritage are all linked to the whenua and its life.

Though te ao Māori in origin, these broader concepts, which acknowledge the interrelationship between the natural environment and people in how the world is viewed, can be adopted and practised by everyone.

Almost every environmental indicator is in steady decline. This means that current approaches and practices are not working.

We have to change our way of thinking about the natural environment and make the links between what we value and our own behaviours and decisions.

Adopting a Māori world view as an approach provides us with a viable alternative. 

Integrating this knowledge into our behaviours and decisions is essential to successful and sustainable environmental management, and ensuring we protect and enhance the mauri of the natural environment.

For more information read the Māori identity and wellbeing outcome.

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