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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 2: Focus on restoring environments as Auckland grows

Auckland can use the processes of development and redevelopment to restore degraded ecosystems and places of cultural significance.

Numerous areas and environments across Auckland have been degraded by past activities or simply through neglect.

As growth and redevelopment happens in these areas opportunities arise to restore ecosystems and create new spaces for people to enjoy.

​These opportunities need to be targeted, for example:
  • remediate residual contamination - as described on the Ministry for the Environment website
  • enhance and restore existing ecological systems
  • create new habitats for flora and fauna.

In turn, this can provide new environments for local communities to connect with and enjoy, further building and creating Auckland's shared cultural heritage.

How this can be done

We can:

  • better understand where and how our environments are degraded
  • actively seek out opportunities to restore environments and ecosystems as growth and redevelopment happens
  • set minimum expectations for new development and the contribution they have to make
  • ensure the impacts and opportunities of our developments are integrated from the start, rather than having to invest further resource to fix up mistakes later.