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He kōrero mō te whakamahere ā-rohe o Franklin kōrero

Franklin district plan text

Auckland Council District Plan - Operative Franklin Section 2000 plan text

Introduction PDF 156KB

Contents PDF 56KB

Plan Change Record PDF 45KB

Record of updates PDF 183KB

Part 1

Part 1: Franklin District PDF 22KB

Part 2

Part 2: Managing the District's Resources PDF 62KB

Part 3

Part 3 Principal Resource Management Issues PDF 67KB

Part 4

Part 4: Partnership with Tangata Whenua PDF 28KB

Part 5

Part 5: Conservation of Natural Features PDF 379KB

Conservation and Schedule 5A - the Outstanding Protected Natural Features

Part 7

Part 7: Natural Hazards PDF 56KB

Types of Hazards, Objectives, Policies and Rules

Part 8

Part 8: Cultural and Natural Heritage PDF 3.3MB

Cultural Heritage and Schedule 8A - Historic Buildings, Structures, Trees and Areas

Part 9

Part 9: Transport PDF 147KB

Transport Issues, Objectives, Policies, Methods, the Roading Hierarchy and the Guide for the Location of Vehicle Crossings

Part 10

Part 10: Financial Contributions PDF 164KB

Objectives, Policies, Methods, Rules and Schedule of Supporting Information

Part 11

Part 11: Recreation and Reserves PDF 43KB

Recreation and Reserves Issues, Objectives, Policies, Methods, Esplanade Reserves and Esplanade Strips, Objectives, Policies and Methods

Part 12

Part 12: Designations and Requirements PDF 71KB

Rules, Conditions, Use of Designated Land

Part 13

Part 13: Monitoring and Information PDF 80KB

Objectives, Policies, Methods and Schedule 13A

Part 14

Part 14: General Duty regarding adverse effects PDF 78KB

Statutory Duty, Adverse Effects, Monitoring, Enforcement and General Duty to Address Adverse Effects

Part 15

Part 15: Activities throughout the District PDF 225KB

Network and other utilities and essential services, Temporary Activities, Hazardous Activities and Contaminated Sites throughout the District and Signs throughout the District

Part 16

Part 16: Rural Issues PDF 94KB

Sustainability of Natural Resources, Conflict between Activities, Amenity and Pukekohe Hill

Part 17A-E

Part 17 Rural and Coastal Objectives, Policies and Methods PDF 211KB

Part 18

Part 18: Urban Issues PDF 45KB

Growth of Main Areas, Providing for Rural-Residential Activities Managing Residential Areas, Managing Business Activities, Supporting Central Business (Retailing) Area, Pukekohe's Central Business Area and Waiuku's Central Business Area

Part 19

Part 19: Objectives, Policies and Methods: Urban PDF 267KB

Growth Objectives, Growth of Settlements, providing for Rural-Residential Areas, and Managing Business Activities

Part 20

Part 20: Other Issues PDF 58KB

Pukekohe South Drainage Constraints, Pukekohe's Grand Prix Track (Counties Racing Club), Paerata Dairy Factory, Glenbrook Steel Mill, Motorway Traffic Servicing, Timber Processing Site, Water Resources and Aggregate Extraction and Processing Sites.

Part 21

Part 21: Objectives, Policies and Methods: Other PDF 67KB

Objective - Pukekohe South Drainage Constraint, Objective - Pukekohe's Racing Track (Counties Racing Club), Objective - Major Isolated Sites and Objective - Motorway Service Areas, Objective - Urban Stormwater/Water Resources

Part 22, 22A and 22B

Parts 22, 22A and 22 B: Subdivision Rural and Coastal Areas PDF 428KB

Part 22B: ISNF: Schedules of Identified Significant Natural Features Inside and Outside the Environmental Enhancement Overlay Area (EEOA) PDF 80KB

Part 22C

Part 22C: Subdivision - Runciman Rural Countryside Living Zone PDF 15KB

Part 22D

Part 22D: Village Zone Subdivision PDF 129KB

Part 23A

Part 23A Rural Zone PDF 135KB

Part 23B

Part 23B Coastal Zone PDF 119KB

Part 23C

Part 23C: Rule 23C - Village Zone PDF 101KB

Part 25

Part 25: Rule 25 - Forest Conservation Zone Rules PDF 29KB

Part 26

Part 26: Rule 26 - Subdivision: Urban PDF 205KB

Urban Zone Subdivision Rules

Part 27

Part 27: Rule 27 - Residential Zone PDF 81KB

Part 27A

Part 27A: Rule 27A - Residential 2 Zone Rules PDF 65KB

Part 27B

Part 27B: Rule 27B - Medium Density Housing Rules PDF 38KB

Part 27B1

Part 27B1: Rule 27B1 - Medium Density Housing Assessment Criteria PDF 1.3MB

Part 28

Part 28: Rule 28 - Rural-Residential Zone Rules PDF 88KB

Part 29

Part 29: Rule 29 - Business Zone PDF 596KB

Part 29A

Part 29A: Rule 29A - Village Business Zone Rules PDF 50KB

Part 29A.1

Part 29A.1: Appendix29A.1 - Design Assessment Criteria for Karaka Village Business Zone PDF 40KB

Part 29B

Part 29B: Rule 29B - Industrial 2 Zone Rules PDF 56KB

Part 29C

Part 29C: Rule 29C - Light Industrial Zone Rules PDF 5.2MB

Part 29D

Part 29D: Rule 29D - Neighbourhood Centre PDF 33KB

Part 29D1

Part 29D1: Appendix 29D.1 Neighbourhood Centre Design Assessment Criteria PDF 7676KB

Part 29.3

Part 29.3: Appendix 29.3 Design Assessment Criterial for Kingseat Business Zone PDF 38KB

Part 32

Part 32: Rule 32 - Iron and Steel Production Zone Rules PDF 132KB

Part 33

Part 33: Rule 33 - Motorway Service Zone Rules PDF 91KB

Part 34

Part 34: Rule 34 - Recreation Zone Recreation Zone Rules PDF 35KB

Part 35

Part 35: Rule 35 - Aggregate Extraction and Processing Zone PDF 49KB

Aggregate Extraction and Processing Zone Rules

Part 36

Part 36: Rule 36 - Kingseat Special Zone PDF 78KB

Kingseat Special Zone Rules

Part 37

Part 37: Waiuku Industrial Services Zone PDF 55KB

Part 38

Part 38: Waiuku Industrial Services Zone: Subdivision provisions PDF 80KB

Part 39

Part 39: Waiuku Industrial Services Zone: Landuse provisions PDF 203KB

Part 40

Part 40: Waiuku Industrial Zone PDF 59KB

Part 41

Part 41: Waiuku Industrial Zone: Subdivision provisions PDF 80KB

Part 42

Part 42: Waiuku Industrial Zone: Landuse provisions PDF 208KB

Part 43

Part 43: Motorway and Rural Service Special Zone PDF 316KB

Part 37A-49

Parts 37A-42A Intentionally blank PDF 21KB

Part 50

Part 50: Definitions PDF 2.9MB

Part 51

Part 51: Parking Loading and Access PDF 228KB

Parking Spaces, Loading Areas and Spaces, Vehicle Crossings, Disabled Person parking Dimensions, Number of Parking Spaces by Activity, Manoeuvring and Parking Dimensions and Tracking Curve Diagrams

Part 52

Part 52: Information Requirements for Resource Consent PDF 63KB

Applications Information to be submitted and information for a Subdivision Consent

Part 53

Part 53: Assessment Criteria for Resource Consent Applications PDF 20KB

All Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary and Non-Complying Resource Consents are assessed in terms of Part 53

Part 54

Part 54.1-6: Structure Plans General PDF 363KB
Part 54.7: East Fields Structure Plan PDF 185KB
Part 54.8: North Pukekohe Hill Structure Plan PDF 567KB
Part 54.9: Patumahoe Structure Plans PDF 181KB

Part 54.10

Part 54.10: Section 1 Pukekohe North Structure Plan PDF 72KB
Part 54.10: Section 2 Pukekohe North Structure Plan PDF 4.6MB

Part 54.12

Part 54.12: Fernleigh Business Park Structure Plan PDF 87KB

Fernleigh Business Park Structure Plan Maps and Diagrams PDF 1.9MB

Part 54.17

Part 54.17-18: Kingseat Village and Drury South Structure Plan PDF 669KB

Part 54.18

Part 54.18: Drury South Structure Plan PDF 1.1MB

Part 54.19

Part 54.19: Kingseat Structure Plan Area PDF 2.3MB

Part 55

Part 55: Village Overlay Plans PDF 1.6MB

Appendix 1

Appendix 1: Explanation of activity types PDF 81KB

Appendix 2

Appendix 2: Inventory of Historic Buildings Structures, Trees and Other Areas PDF 905KB

Appendix 2D

Appendix 2D: Heritage Assessment of Areas - Significance of Elements PDF 23KB

Appendix 3

Appendix 3: Plans and Documents PDF 32KB

Appendix 4

Appendix 4: Road widening PDF 99KB

Appendix 5

Appendix 5: Trees of Merit - Kingseat Structure Plan Area PDF 30KB

Schedule of Designations PDF 292KB

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