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Open Space Provision Policy

The Open Space Provision Policy informs how we decide to invest in land for parks and open space.

Why we invest in open space

Investment in open space should reflect the way we expect Auckland to grow over the next 30 years. Greenfield areas and the existing urban area will require different approaches.

In greenfield areas, new open space will be needed to meet the recreational and social needs of new residents.

Expanding the open space network in existing urban areas is constrained by land supply and budget. Our investment strategy in the urban area is to prioritise improving the existing network.

What the policy covers

The policy covers:

  • guidance on providing open space across the region
  • the strategic context for acquiring land for parks and open space
  • the principles we use to plan high quality parks and open spaces
  • the provision metrics that guide the type, size and location of parks and open space, particularly in new urban areas
  • how we fund the acquisition of open space.

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