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Ngā whakahaumako taiao i Portland Road

Portland Road enhancements

We are working to reduce flooding events in the area by removing silt and vegetation from the Portland Stream. This project will also enhance the Waitaramoa and Portland Reserves.

What we've done

The vegetation blocking the stream has been successfully removed.

Our lizard survey team successfully captured and relocated nine copper skinks, three ornate skinks and a small number of plague skinks to other areas of the reserve outside of the works area.

We have removed the trees that were blocking the stream flow. No native nesting birds were identified in any of the trees that were removed. Two native birds’ nests were found in other trees in the project area.

Exclusion zones were established around the trees to minimise disruptions and the birds have now hatched.

A 50m section of the stream was secured with nets to prevent fish and eels entering the operational zone.

Approximately 170 fish, including shortfin eel, longfin eel and inanga were relocated outside of the netted area to allow us to safely remove silt from the stream.

What happens next

We are currently removing silt from the stream. This can disturb the stream bed and releases a strong odour.

This odour is completely natural and is produced by the decomposing vegetation in the stream. You may have smelt it before when water levels are low.

Once removed from the stream, the silt is being stored in bags to reduce the odour. We expect the smell to be present for the duration of the project.

We are on track to complete the project in July 2022.

We will reinstate the area by planting 15,000 native plants in April / May 2022.

More information

Email if you have any questions about this project.

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