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Te hinonga whakamohoa wai tupuhi i te pokapū o Milford

Milford town centre stormwater project

What the project achieved

The Milford town centre stormwater project is now complete.

The project achieved:

  •  The creation of new larger stormwater pipes, manholes and catchpits to better drain stormwater from the town centre.
  • A network upgrade covering the intersections of Shakespeare and East Coast Roads and the installation of a new culvert under Kitchener and Shakespeare Roads.
  • The installation of a stormwater treatment device within Wairau Reserve. This will treat stormwater runoff from the contributing catchment of 12.85ha - including the town centre. It will remove debris and metals running off our roads.
  • The installation of a new outfall structure within the estuary to drain the treated water.

​Further information

Email for more information about this project.


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