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Te hinonga whakamohoa wai tupuhi i te pokapū o Sunnybrae, Hillcrest

Sunnybrae Road Stormwater Project

We are replacing an old stormwater pipe across Sunnybrae Road near the Anne Road intersection in Hillcrest. The new pipe will be larger to reduce stormwater network issues.

​What the work involves

We need to remove a Silver Dollar gumtree outside 74 Sunnybrae Road so that we can take out the old pipes.

​How the works will impact you

We will have an approved traffic management plan in place for the duration of the works. This will ensure the health and safety of road users and pedestrians.

There will also be:

  • redirected traffic to improve the flow of traffic lanes
  • increased traffic during working hours
  • limited vehicle access to and from properties 72, 74 Sunnybrae Road and 1-3 Argus Place during working hours
  • some construction noise, vibration and dust.

We will monitor these levels to ensure they remain within permitted limits.

How long the works will last

Construction is planned to continue until early February 2024.

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