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Inorganic collections for units and apartments

We now offer a yearly inorganic collection for multi-unit developments like gated communities, retirement villages and apartments. A multi-unit development is 10 or more properties on one site.

​How to use the inorganic collection service

If most households in your building or development want an inorganic collection, the building manager or body corporate can make a bulk booking. There is no extra charge for this, as it is paid for by property rates.


Our tip

Before you make a booking just for your unit, talk to your building manager or body corporate. They will tell you if there is a bulk booking.

If there is not a bulk booking, they will tell you where to leave your items to be collected.

​Make a bulk inorganic booking

Building managers and body corporates can make a bulk inorganic booking for several units or apartments by sending the rateable address and contact details of their complex to:

Make a single inorganic booking

See Book your inorganic collection

Getting your inorganic collection right

You can put out one small trailer load of items per unit or apartment.

Items should be out by 7am on your collection day.

If you have a shared driveway, make sure to leave your items where our collectors can access them. Don't leave them on the kerbside.

See, what you can and cannot put out for inorganic collection for more information about what we do and don't collect.

If you miss an inorganic collection in your area

There are other ways of disposing your household items if you miss the inorganic collection in your area.
Please check Inorganic collection terms and conditions.

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