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Tonohia tō kohinga pararopi-kore

Book your inorganic collection

If you have inorganic items you would like us to remove, you need to let us know by booking a collection.

How inorganic collections work

Our inorganic collections are one of the waste and recycling services funded by the Waste Management Targeted Rate.

Each property in Auckland that pays the rate is able to book (without any additional charge) one inorganic collection per year.

Collections are scheduled for certain areas at different times of the year. Once the schedule is released, you can find the collection period for your area by looking up your property in the online booking tool.

After you've found the collection dates, you can make a booking any time up to eight days before the start of the collection period.

​Area Schedule released​ Collection months​ Length of collection period​
​Mainland Auckland Early June See booking tool for collection time ​1 week
​Waiheke Island ​September ​November - May ​3-5 weeks
​Aotea / Great Barrier Island ​September ​October - November ​2-3 weeks
​Rakino Island ​October ​November ​2-3 weeks

For details on the accepted items, see what you can and cannot put out for inorganic collection.

How to find out when your collection week is

You can use our booking tool to find your collection week, without actually making a booking.

We will also deliver flyers to mailboxes in your area several weeks before your area's assigned collection week.

How to book an inorganic collection

You should know

If you live in an apartment, townhouse, gated community or retirement village with 10 or more occupancy on one site,  your body corporate or property manager needs to make a bulk booking through our collections team.
Your body corporate or property manager should also tell you where you can place your items for collection.


Inorganic collection bookings


The inorganic collection week dates will display only if bookings are still open for your area.

If you have missed the set collection day for your area, you will have to find alternative ways of disposing of your items.

 In person

​Visit one of our libraries with council services.

 By phone

​Call us on 09 301 0101.

​Once you have booked a collection

We will tell you by email, text, or phone your:

  • booking reference number
  • collection day.

To get your collection right, see what happens on your inorganic collection day.

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