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Waste collection services at units and apartments

If you live in a multi-unit development, such as a gated community, retirement village or an apartment building, you can receive collections of food scraps, rubbish, recycling and inorganic materials.

Food scraps, rubbish and recycling services for units and apartments

Register for a site assessment

To find out more about the services we can provide to apartments and units, or to apply for an exemption, property managers or body corporates can register with us for a site assessment.

Complete the Make an enquiry online form and provide the following information:

  • address of the multi-unit development
  • number of units
  • contact name and position (for example, property manager, building manager or developer)
  • phone number
  • email address
  • preferred contact method
  • other information relevant to the property.

We will contact you and arrange a site assessment.

Site assessment process

During assessment we check:

  • there is enough room within the property boundary to store bins within easy access to each dwelling
  • how much waste is being generated and how often it needs to be collected
  • the site has enough space on the berm to set out individual or communal bins
  • whether a collection vehicle can safely enter and exit the site if the development is on a private lane or driveway.

How we assess your property

We assess sites for rubbish, recycling and food scraps services separately. Properties will only receive a targeted rates exemption for the services we cannot provide.

For example, a site may not have room for the refuse and recycling service bins but is still able to have a food scraps service using the individual 23 litre bins. In cases like this, the properties will only be exempt from the refuse and recycling charges, but not the food scraps targeted rate.

Exemption eligibility

  • Large residential complexes with 10 or more units.
  • Sites that do not pass a site assessment for a collection service.
  • Applications must be received before 30 June to be eligible for exemption in the next rating year.
  • The body corporate, property manager, building manager or developer has applied on behalf of the development.
  • There is a resource consent condition for the development that says the site must receive rubbish and recycling services from a private waste collection contractor (This does not apply to the food scraps service).

A base rate will still be charged to cover regional waste initiatives, including inorganic collections.

If the application for exemption is approved, the rates charges will be removed from the following 1 July.

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