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About committees

He Kōrero mō ngā komiti

You should know

We are currently reviewing the governance structure for the 2019-2022 term. Read more about this in the Our Auckland article - Updated Governing Body structure for the 2019-2022 term.

Types of committees

To enable efficient decision-making, the governing body delegates powers to committees: they are committees of the governing body.

Committees of the whole

The mayor, deputy mayor and all councillors are members of committees of the whole.

The mayor can determine what these committees will look like and how many there are.

Committees of the whole are sometimes known as parent committees, as smaller committees may report to them.

Reporting and other committees

Parent committees delegate responsibilities and key projects to 'reporting committees' (technically sub-committees).

Committees that do not report to parent committees are known as 'other committees'.

Some of these committees may have delegations to make their own decisions.

The Independent Maori Statutory Board

The Independent Maori Statutory Board appoint one or two representatives to each governing body committee that deals with the management of natural or physical resources, or to other committees at the invitation of the governing body.

Powers of committees

 The Governing Body Terms of Reference set out which powers can be delegated to committees and which are retained by the Governing Body.

Meeting rules and procedures

The Standing Orders of the Governing Body outline the rules and procedures for meetings of committees.