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Ngā Mahere, whakaaetanga me ngā rīpoata mō Henderson-Massey

Henderson-Massey plans, agreements and reports

You should know

Over the coming months, we want you to help us shape the draft local board plan for Henderson and Massey.
Local boards now have more power to make decisions over local services and assets. But at the same time there are increased challenges. The cost of living and providing services has gone up, as well as the costs of borrowing money and doing business.
To help us make decisions that best reflect the needs and priorities of our community, tell us what is most important to you.

Henderson-Massey Local Board Plan 2020

The Henderson-Massey Local Board Plan is the guiding document for the local board, and is its strategic three-year plan to outline its communities’ priorities and preferences.

The plan will also guide:

  • decisions on local activities, projects and facilities
  • input into the regional strategies and plans of Auckland Council
  • how the local board works with other agencies that play a key role in its area, including community groups, central government agencies and council-controlled organisations.

Local boards are required to develop a local board plan every three years.

The plans form the basis for development of the annual local board agreements for each financial year. They also inform the development of Auckland Council's Long-term Plan, 10-year-budget.

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​Henderson-Massey Local Board progress and achievement report

​Accessible word documents of local board plans are also available on request through contacting our contact centre on 09 301 0101 or by visiting one of our service centres.

Read our budget plans in full.​

Henderson-Massey Local Board Agreement 2014-2040

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

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​Henderson-Massey Local Board - Joint CCO Engagement Plan 2021-2022

This plan outlines how Henderson-Massey Local Board and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) will work together on community priorities.

The CCOs include:

  • Auckland Transport
  • Tātaki Auckland Unlimited
  • Eke Panuku Development
  • Watercare

This plan also creates a framework for reporting progress.

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Henderson-Massey Local Climate Action Plan: Whakarauora Āhuarangi

This action plan identifies opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to climate change in the Henderson-Massey Local Board area.

It builds on the board's existing environment and sustainability initiatives and focuses on eight priority areas from Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan.

The action plan aims to help community groups, individuals and businesses contribute to a low carbon community through:

  • reducing energy use and waste
  • promoting sustainable transport options
  • encouraging local food production
  • promoting the effective and cooperative use of resources.

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Te Atatū South Plan

The Te Atatū South Plan provides direction and actions for the next 30 years that will make Te Atatū South a great place to live, work, play and visit.

It presents:

  • the local board, council and community’s vision for the area
  • themes for the area's future development
  • key moves for change
  • a set of actions to achieve them.

See The Te Atatū South Plan for more information.

Henderson Implementation Plan 2014-2040

This plan presents key moves to increase growth in the Henderson metropolitan area, and to respond to the outcomes of the Auckland Plan.

It sets out projects and actions to 2040, with an emphasis on short-term projects that can be easily implemented in the next five years.

Many of the projects set out in the Henderson Implementation Plan cross over with the work being done in Henderson by Panuku.

See the Henderson page of Panuku's website to read about the latest project updates.

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Henderson-Massey Connections Plan

The Henderson-Massey Connections Plan is a response to aspirations set by the Henderson-Massey Local Board Plan and the more detailed objective from within.

The Connections Plan presents a vision of a complete network of shared paths connecting:

  • town centres
  • schools
  • public facilities
  • recreation areas
  • public transport hubs.

It is a long-term plan with the aim of significantly improving walking, cycling and ecological connections within the urban environment in the Henderson-Massey Local Board area.

Get a copy of the Henderson-Massey Connections Plan

​Unlock Henderson - high level project plan 2017

As a result of rapid growth, Auckland is experiencing significant housing and infrastructure pressures.

Henderson was identified as an urban centre in the Auckland region with development potential. This project is known as Unlock Henderson.

Panuku Development Auckland has developed a high-level project plan for Henderson. You can read more about the plan on the Unlock Henderson- high level project plan page.

The Henderson-Massey Open Space Network Plan 2015-2025

This open space network plan identifies and prioritises projects that will improve Henderson-Massey’s parks and open spaces over the next ten years.

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​Harbourview-Orangihina Masterplan 2019

This plan will guide long-term improvements to the Harbourview-Orangihina park in Te Atatū Peninsula for years to come.

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​Harbourview/Orangihina Park Community Restoration Plan

​Toitū Waitākere Report 2017

This report outlines the concerns and aspirations of West Auckland’s Māori community.

It also guides the development of the west local board's Maori responsiveness plan, Waitakere ki tua.

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​Waitākere ki tua 2019

This guide was developed from kōrero shared by the West Auckland Māori community through the West Auckland Mataawaka Report 2014 and the Toitū Waitākere Report 2017.

It provides guidance and support for local boards in West Auckland (Henderson-Massey, Whau and Waitākere Ranges) with decision-making on matters that are important to Māori in West Auckland.

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​Archived documents

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