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Apply for a resource consent

E tono mō te whakaaetanga ā-rawa

How to apply for a resource consent

​Applying online will be faster and you will be able to track the processing of your consent online. You will also save money as you will not need to supply printed plans.

We can process your application faster if you submit a good quality application. Read how to prepare a good quality resource consent application.

You should know

The resource consent office will be closed between 20 December 2018 and 10 January 2019.
These dates will not count toward the standard 20-working day processing time, so please take this into account when applying.
We will begin processing any applications we receive during this time on 11 January.
You will be able to book pre-application meetings from 23 January 2019.


Before you apply check the document naming standards for resource consent online applications.

Complete the lodgement checklist and upload it with your application online.

Apply now

 By post

Supply four printed copies (including one unbound) of all information, including plans, photos and certificates, for all applications.

If you are providing a CD or USB version of all information, you only need to supply two hard copies.

For subdivision applications on CD or USB, three hard copies are required.

Send your signed application, with all accompanying information (including printed copies) to:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

 In person

Take your signed application and all accompanying information (including printed copies) to one of our customer service centres.

​What happens next

Our planners will assess your application and determine which service you qualify for. 

If we take longer than 20 working days to assess your application for non-notified applications, you are entitled to a discount under the RMA. The discount is applied automatically by our system at invoicing.

If we need more information (section 92 request)

If planners or specialists have questions about your application, they can ask for further information.

This is called a section 92 request, and delays the processing of your application until we receive additional information.

When we make a decision

The planner will contact you, usually by email, to advise whether your application has been granted or refused, or if it needs to be notified.

We will also post the decision to you.

If we grant your resource consent

If we grant your resource consent, you will receive a decision document outlining what conditions need to be followed, the reasons for the decision and the approved plans.

If there is any part of this decision, including the conditions, that you are not happy with, you can formally object to our decision.

If we refuse your resource consent

If we refuse your resource consent, and you think our decision is unfair, you can formally object to our decision, or lodge an appeal with the Environment Court.

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