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Auckland Council Vote Auckland

Online information sessions for prospective candidates

What the sessions will cover

These online information sessions are for anyone who is interested in becoming a candidate in the Local elections 2022.

During these sessions, we'll take you through:

  • the different roles you can be a candidate for
  • what the council does and the services and facilities we look after
  • elected representatives' decision-making responsibilities
  • a day in the life of an elected member
  • what to expect in the role
  • how much elected members get paid
  • tips to help you campaign.

You should know

If you are unable to attend these sessions and would like to watch a recording, see Recordings of candidate information sessions.

Information session 3

Date and time

5 July 2022


Details: Virtual discussion using Zoom

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Information session 4

Date and time

14 July 2022


Details: Virtual discussion using Zoom

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More information sessions

Additional sessions will be available in person throughout the region from June onwards.

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