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Ka ahatia i te rā whakamutunga o te tuku pōti

What happens on the last day of voting

Election day is the last day of voting and when the progress results will be announced.

When voting closes

Voting closes at 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2022.

We will start counting the votes from 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2022 at the Electoral Office, Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland Central.

All voting boxes will be sealed in all locations at 12 noon.

Our service centres which accept special votes will shut at 12 noon. No late votes will be accepted.

Votes will then be returned to the electoral office for counting.

Progress results released on election day include only votes returned until Friday night.

Votes collected on Saturday at 12 noon will be counted later that day. They will be included in preliminary results released on Monday 10 October 2022.

How the votes are counted

During the voting period, as votes are returned, the electoral officer marks off each elector's name from the electoral roll to ensure that each person votes only once.

The votes are then processed electronically to capture each vote. To ensure accuracy, each vote is processed twice, using different people each time.

Individual votes remain in our system until voting closes. Then we add up the total votes to get the results at 12 noon on election day.

Several Justices of the Peace will observe the processing of votes returned daily over the voting period. This is a legal requirement, as scrutineers are not able to do this until voting closes.

Why we don’t report the numbers as they come in

Current electoral legislation allows us to report only the number of people who have voted on a daily basis and by local board area, however, it restricts us from releasing any results until voting has closed.

This is why we release progress results as soon as practical after voting has closed.

What the results stages mean

Progress results

Progress results will be made available as soon as practical on election day.

Progress results include votes returned up until Friday 7 October. Votes hand delivered on Saturday morning 8 October and all special are not included.

Progress results are likely to reflect approximately 92 per cent of the votes.

Preliminary results

Preliminary results include hand delivered votes on Saturday morning 8 October. Special votes are not included.

Preliminary results will be available once all sealed ballot boxes have been returned and processed from:

  • libraries
  • service centres
  • supermarkets.

We expect preliminary results to be announced on Monday 10 October 2022.

If candidates have provided their email addresses, we will email them the progress and preliminary results, once they are available.

Final count and official results

Once all special votes have been validated by the Electoral Commission, we will announce the final count and official results.

The final count and official results will be released on Saturday 15 October 2022.

This includes all votes, including special votes, returned by 12 noon on Saturday 8 October.

Blank and informal votes

Blank votes

A blank vote means that a voter has not voted for any candidates in a particular election (e.g. mayor, ward councillor etc.).

Informal votes

An informal vote is when:

  • the electoral officer has reason to believe a voting document is not an official voting document
  • the voter has voted for more candidates than there are positions available (e.g. voted for four candidates where there are only three positions)
  • the voter’s intention is not clear (i.e. the vote doesn't clearly show who the voter wanted to vote for).

Elected unopposed

Candidates can be elected unopposed when:

  • there are fewer candidates than positions
  • the number of candidates is the same as the number of positions available.


Affiliation means that a candidate is officially supported by an organisation or group.

When elected members start their new roles

Elected members come into office after the results are officially declared on Friday 14 October.

They can start to perform their duties after they've been sworn in and made their declaration, at their inauguration day.

Inauguration for the Governing Body will take place on Friday 28 October.

Each of the 21 local boards will hold a separate inauguration ceremony, to take place between late October and early November 2022.




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