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Stormwater and our environment

Wai āwha

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Apply for a new stormwater connection for a new stormwater connectionFind out how to apply for a new stormwater connection, what you need to know before you apply and what kind of inspection you need to book.aspx
Connect your pipes to the stormwater network your pipes to the stormwater networkThere are some requirements if you want to connect stormwater drains on your property to the public stormwater network.aspx
Design of the stormwater system of the stormwater systemThe stormwater system has to meet design standards that reduce environmental impacts, flood risk, maintenance costs and other guidelines. aspx
Entering the public stormwater network the public stormwater networkIf you are building or making repairs, you may need access to the stormwater network. This includes any maintenance work, cleaning, CCTV and inspection.aspx
Stormwater risks, requirements and responsibilities risks, requirements and responsibilities​Find out about what risks and responsibilities developers have relating to stormwater.aspx