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Alcohol licence annual fees

​You need to pay an annual fee if you hold an alcohol licence. Each year we will send you a letter to remind you when the annual fee is due and how much it is.

You must pay the fee within 30 days of the due date.

If the annual fee remains unpaid after 30 days, we will suspend your licence and you will not be able to sell or supply alcohol until you pay the fee.

About six weeks before your alcohol licence expires you will receive a reminder to apply to renew your licence.

The fees for alcohol licences are classed from very low risk to very high risk. The fees for each category (incl. GST) are:

Read fee table.
Category Application fee Annual fee
Very low risk$368$161
Low risk$609.50$391
Medium risk$816.50$632.50
High risk$1023.50$1035
Very high risk$1207.50$1437.50

​Please note: The fees are set by the government and not by the council.

How to pay your alcohol licence annual fee


You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Online EFTPOS or Account2Account (bank transfer).

A card payment fee of 1.75 per cent will apply to credit and debit card payments.


​Pay your alcohol licence annual fee


You will need your payment reminder notice.

When paying online, after you have selected your premises location, choose "Alcohol licence" from the dropdown menu.

Then, enter your licence number and document reference number in the areas specified. Both of these numbers can be found on your payment reminder notice.

You will get a reference number for your payment. You should keep it for your records.

 In person

See Ways to pay in person for payment options

​Contact us if you misplace, or did not receive, your payment reminder notice.


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