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PC 95 (Private): Lot 3 DP 185893 Golding Road Pukekohe

Closed for further submissions

About the plan change

This private plan change aims to introduce a new Business-Neighbourhood Centre zoning on land located between 26 Golding Road and 52 Golding Road in Pukekohe East.  The plan change aims to:

rezone approximately 0.85 hectares of land from Residential – Mixed Housing Urban Zone to Business – Neighbourhood Centre Zone;
Apply a “Golding Road Neighbourhood Centre Precinct” over the land proposed to be rezoned. A precinct plan and precinct provisions are proposed.  


​Notification: 16 November 2023

Submissions close: midnight on 14 December 2023

Summary of Decisions Requested notified on 16 February 2024

Further submissions close: midnight on 1 March 2024 (online form closes 11:45pm then up to midnight, email submission to

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