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Auckland Council

Alteration to designations 3800 Care and Protection Residential Centre Upper North (Whakatakapokai) and 3802 Youth Justice Centre Upper North (Korowai Manaaki) by the Minister for Children - Direct referral

The Minister for Children is seeking an alteration to designations 3800 and 3802, which is a direct referral to the environment court.


Notified on 1 March 2019.

Submissions closed on 29 March 2019.

Decision for 3802 Youth Justice Centre Upper North (Korowai Manaaki): 2 July 2019


​Interim decision for 3800 Care and Protection Centre – Upper North (Whakatakapokai): 1 August 2019

Section 198D reports

Submissions on Alteration to Designation 3800

​Submissions on Alteration to Designation 3802

Section 92 requests and responses


NoR application - Lodged

Alteration to designation 3800 documentation

Alteration to designation 3802 documentation