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Te ngongo kōhinu wai tupuhi o Clinker Place

Clinker Place stormwater pipeline

We are installing a new stormwater pipe for the development of the Clinker Place special housing area in New Lynn.

About this project

We are building a 550m pipeline that will run from the Clinker Place development site on Rankin Avenue. It will continue underneath Ambrico Place to until it reaches the Manawa Wetland Reserve.

This pipeline will improve the current stormwater system in our area.

We will also construct a large public park as part of the new Clinker Place residential development.

Building the pipeline

We will use a tunnel boring machine (TBM) to limit disruption to local residents.

This machine will be sunk into an underground shaft. The teeth on the front of the TBM will break down rocks and dirt, before adding water to form a slurry. This mix will then be pumped back to the shaft entrance to be removed.

Pipes will then be placed in the tunnel and sealed using a hydraulic jack.

Approximately 400m of the pipeline will be installed by tunneling.

The pipeline being installed at the Clinker Place development will be installed by digging from above ground.

What to expect

Three temporary shafts will be installed to launch and retrieve the TBM along the pipe route.

These will be located at:

  • Melview Place, next to the Manawa Wetland Reserve
  • within the road reserve at 5 Ambrico Place (known as Ambrico Reserve)
  • the Clinker Place development site at 8 Rankin Avenue.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Limited is the contractor working on this pipeline.

First, they will establish the sites for the Ambrico Place and Rankin Avenue shafts.

Then the TBM will tunnel the 200m from Rankin Avenue to Ambrico Place.

During this time, we will establish the Melview Place site.

When the TBM reaches the Ambrico Place shaft, it will be repositioned before continuing the remaining 200m to Melview Place.

Impact of works

Project timeline

The project will begin in March 2022 and is expected to be completed by mid-2023.

Our timeline may change due to COVID-19-related delays. If this happens, we will update residents.

Daily impacts

Construction hours will be Monday to Friday, from 7am until 6pm.

During work hours, there will be some construction noise, large truck movements, vibrations and possibly dust.

Noise, dust and vibrations will be closely monitored to ensure they remain within required limits.

A number of existing services, such as power, water and phone, will be rerouted. This is due to happen in May 2022.

Service providers will contact affected residents directly.

Approximately 18 parking spaces will be temporarily unavailable around Ambrico Reserve. This allows us to maintain two lanes of traffic throughout the project.

Alternative parking is currently being arranged.

The Ambrico Reserve shaft will be located in the road reserve and the northern end of the reserve, shown in blue on the following image.

A two-metre fence will be installed around this site during construction.

Area of construction for the Ambrico Reserve shaft.

The remainder of the reserve will be open to the public for the duration of the project. This includes the children’s playground.

All areas of the road and the reserve will be reinstated when this project is complete. This will include replanting.

The pipe route map

Get a copy of the pipe route map

​Project updates


Contact us

Updates will be sent to residents at key stages of the project.

Contact us at to receive more information or to request email updates.

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