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Whakaiti reiti nā te āhei a te Raihana Kainoho (LTO) ā-Whenua

Papakāinga Licence to Occupy (LTO) property rates remission

Residents of Papakāinga housing who would otherwise qualify for a property rates rebate, but who occupy their property under a licence to occupy agreement, should check their eligibility for this remission.

Eligibility and criteria for a LTO remission

To be eligible for a LTO remission, you must:

  • be a resident of Papakāinga housing under a LTO agreement
  • live in a unit or apartment that is a separately used or inhabited part of the Papakāinga housing to which a separate uniform annual general charge is applied
  • live in a Papakāinga housing that has entered into an agreement with us to:
    • identify the rates for applicants to the scheme
    • pass the full benefit of any rates remission granted under this scheme to the successful or applicant
  • have lived on the property at the beginning of the rating year (1 July)
  • be an individual, not an organisation or trust.

Granting of a LTO remission

Granting a remission will depend on:

  • your gross household income, including any overseas income
  • the share of Auckland Council rates you pay to the Papakāinga housing in which you reside
  • the maximum rebate threshold limits set by central government. (These thresholds will be automatically updated each year.)   

Remission amount

If you are successful in your application, you will receive a remission of $461.

This is the equivalent to one Uniform Annual General Charge.

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