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Te Poari ā-Takiwā Tuku Pūtea Taonga Whakaahuru

Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board (ARAFB)

What the ARAFB does

The Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board (ARAFB) distributes grants to organisations that deliver arts, culture, recreational, heritage, rescue and other facilities and services to the Auckland region.

The ARAFB was established by the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008.

In accordance with the act, a levy is paid by us, collected by the ARAFB, then distributed as grants to specified amenities named in the legislation:

ARAFB members

Chair: Ms Victoria Carter


  • Ms Paula Browning
  • Mr Alastair Carruthers
  • Ms Victoria Carter
  • Linda Cooper
  • Paul Evans
  • Jonny Gritt
  • Ravi Nyayapati
  • Mr Scott Pearson
  • Penelope Peebles
  • Mrs Moana Tamaariki-Pohe.

Contact ARAFB

Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

  PO Box 6969

  Victoria Street West

  Auckland 1142

Amenities Board contact

Ms Victoria Travers

Call 021 108 7727 on021 108 7727


Agendas and minutes

Funding plans

​Annual reports