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Common access way approval

Whakaaetanga huarahi tūmatanui

What common access approval is for

This approval process is for the physical construction of common access ways and driveways servicing multiple lots.

These may be in the form of:

  • rights of way
  • jointly-owned access lots
  • private roads
  • common areas.

Design and construction considerations

  • Sub-base, sub-grade and basecourse materials and strength.
  • Surface strength, thickness and weather resistance.
  • Frictional performance (in cases of steep sites).
  • Carriageway widths and gradients.
  • Alignment within subdivision easements and boundaries.
  • Manoeuvring / tracking for required vehicle movements.
  • User safety.
  • Natural hazards.
  • Effectiveness of drainage.
  • Appropriateness of retaining structures.
  • Suitability of construction details within the dripline of trees.
  • Preservation of natural surface water flows.
  • Vertical clearance.

Our tip

Building consents do not address driveway construction (just the associated drainage and retaining).

We cannot accept a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) as an evidence that a driveway has been appropriately constructed.

​Why we test existing access ways

In order to authorise an access way for shared use, we need to test it to check if it complies with our construction standards.

Testing methods largely used are:

  • Benkelman Beam testing for flexible pavements.
  • Core samples and crush testing for concrete pavements.

Common access way application fee

Read fee table.
Service Fee
Approval of engineering works (major) and consent to drainage works - construction of private drains through adjoining premises of works on private land$2500
Approval of engineering works (minor) and common access way$600

Our tip

You may have to pay for additional costs or receive a refund where appropriate.

​Apply for common access way approval

 By post

​Download and complete the forms.

Send your application form, supporting documents and cheque payment to:

Auckland Council

  Private Bag 92300

  Auckland 1142

 In person

​Download and complete the forms.

Bring your application form and supporting documents to the service centres (nearest to the address of your project), and pay by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • Eftpos
  • MasterCard or Visa (a convenience fee of 1.75 per cent of your payment amount applies).

​What happens next

We process common access way approval within 20 working days unless additional information if required.

We will let you know the decision by email or post.

Find out more

Contact us and ask to speak to the duty engineer in your area.



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