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6. Apply and pay for your alcohol off-licence

You should know

Application fees cannot be refunded or transferred to a different application.


See Ways to pay online for information on all payment options.


​Apply now

 In person

Bring your completed application form and supporting documents to one of our libraries with council services and pay by:
  • cash
  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Application processing timeframe

Allow eight weeks processing time. To avoid delays, make sure you provide all the required documentation.

Five weeks of this processing time is for:

  • the public to object
  • the police and the Medical Officer of Health to report on your application.

The District Licensing Committee will hold a hearing if:

  • the public objects
  • our licensing inspector, police or the Medical Officer of Health opposes your application.

It will take longer to process your application if a hearing is required.