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3. What you need to apply for food registration

Documents we need

You need to:

  • know your food registration type before you complete the relevant Scope of Operations document - see My Food Rules to find out which type of registration (Food Control Plan template, or National Programme Level 1, 2 or 3) fits your business
  • provide a completed Scope of Operations document - see Apply and pay for your food registration for the different documents
  • provide a copy of your site plan showing the physical boundaries and layout of your business for a new business
  • provide a copy of the confirmation letter from your verification agency, if we are not your verification agency.

We will return your application if it is not complete.

Multi-site business details form

Complete the multi-site form for each additional site being added to your current template food control plan or National Program registration.

Email your application to or visit your local library with council services.

We will invoice any fees after we have processed your application.