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Accommodation, bookable spaces, events and sport facility bookings terms and conditions

Booking and application terms and conditions

When making a booking or application for Auckland Council park networks assets and facilities you will need to agree and refer to the following terms and conditions.

Current bylaws

I agree to abide the conditions of use set out in the Current bylaws:

  • Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013
  • Animal Management Bylaw 2015
  • Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw 2015

And Regional Parks Management Plan 2010. (Section 13 Recreation Management)

Permit use

  • This permit can only be used for the purpose designated on the permit. It cannot be used for other activities, or to gain access to sites for other purposes.
  • The permit is not transferable to another party or person.
  • Main park entrance gate opening and closing times vary (seasonally and across the parks) and vehicle entry is prohibited after closing time. Please ensure your group is aware of the gate opening and closing times.

Booking amendments

Rescheduling and changing bookings:

  • You must provide notice at least two weeks (eight weeks for lodges, four weeks for large events) to reschedule (change) a booking. If a booking is rescheduled (changed) within these timeframes, the first change will be free of charge. You can give notice verbally or in writing.
  • Subsequent rescheduling (amendments) will automatically incur a 20 per cent fee, based on the full value of the reservation.
  • All bookings rescheduled (amended) inside the two-week (eight weeks for lodges, four weeks for large events booking period will automatically incur a 20 per cent administration fee (even if it's the first amendment), based on the full value of the reservation (or part thereof).
  • Close off time for rescheduling bookings is at 12pm on the day of the booking.
  • Rescheduled (changed) bookings are subject to availability.
  • Once the original booking date has passed the booking cannot be rescheduled.

Booking cancellations

Cancellation within these time periods will result in 100 per cent of the booking value being retained by us:

  • Eight weeks for lodges.
  • Four weeks for events.
  • Two weeks for all accommodation and bookable sites.

Booking refunds

We will issue refunds under the following conditions only:

  • If you give notice of cancellation before the times conditions above and we receive a refund request before the date as follows:
    • Refunds will only be issued when no other balances are outstanding. We reserve the right to retain part of the fund to offset outstanding balances on that household.
    • We will pay refunds only to the householder who made the booking or if the booking is made by credit card the holder of that credit card.
    • We will not refund camping passes and vouchers once purchased. For all other products we will meet our obligations under the relevant acts.

Applications for refunds must be approved by authorised staff.

  • We may consider refund requests that do not meet the above criteria on a case by case basis where the following circumstances exist:
    • In cases of demonstrated hardship or illness.
    • Where severe environmental conditions have prevented the activity from occurring.
    • Where the park or facility was unavailable.

In such cases, customer/s must lodge request for refund within 20 working days of booking cancellation.


  • Dogs, other animals and pets are prohibited at all Auckland Council Regional Parks' bookable sites and accommodation.
  • The only exception are registered aid dogs. You will need to advise our staff at time of booking if you have a registered aid dog for an exemption.

Shakespear and Tawharanui open sanctuaries

All persons involved in your visit must be advised, understand and comply with the conditions below:

  • You must check all vehicles and equipment before entering the open sanctuary to ensure it is free of pests such as rats and mice.
  • Dogs and all other animals and pets are prohibited from the open sanctuary at all times.
  • Please alert the park ranger if you see any animal pests.
  • Do not touch any traps or bait stations.
  • Remove all rubbish and food. It all attracts animal pests.
  • Ensure that any pest fence gates you use are always closed behind you.
  • Do not climb the pest fence as this could damage it.
  • Report any damage to a pest fence


  • Visible and excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • We may ask you and your group to leave the park and terminate your permit.

Smoke-free regional parks

  • Our regional parks are now smoke-free.
  • Please observe this while staying on/using our regional parks.

Arrival and departure

  • The site is to be occupied and vacated by the time specified on the permit.

Group organisers

  • Group organisers must ensure all members in their group are informed and aware of all the conditions codes and rules relating to the booking.


  • The permit holder shall reimburse the Auckland Council the full costs, including any associated Auckland Council staff time, to remedy, restore or replace any part of the facility and or chattels, resulting from any omission, negligence or act of wilful damage by the permit holder.