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Ngā Mahere, whakaaetanga me ngā rīpoata mō Papakura

Papakura plans, agreements and reports

You should know

We want you to help us shape the draft local board plan for Papakura.

To find out more, visit Papakura Local Board on the Local board plans 2023 website.

​Papakura Local Board Plan 2020

The Papakura Local Board Plan is the guiding document for the local board, and is its strategic three-year plan to outline the community's priorities and preferences.

Local board plans guide local board activity, funding and investment decisions. They also influence local board input into regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan (the 30-year vision for Auckland), the council's 10-year Budget (Long-term Plan) and the annual budgets.

​Translation in te reo Māori

​Get a copy of previous plans

​You can request accessible word documents of local board plans through our contact centre on 09 301 0101 or by visiting one of our service centres.

Papakura Local Board Agreement (budget)

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

Get a copy of the Papakura Local Board Agreement

Papakura Heritage Interpretation Strategy

The Papakura Heritage Interpretation Strategy identifies ways to support our heritage storytelling in the local rohe (area). This includes Drury, Papakura and Takaanini / Takanini.

It highlights the stories and long-term connection of mana whenua to Papakura . It also showcases the diversity and uniqueness that makes Papakura a wonderful place to live in and visit today.

Our strategy outlines goals and principles to use in related projects. In it, we identify key themes relevant to our area and outline how and where our stories might be told.

Email if you have a heritage project that aligns with this strategy and you are seeking local board support.

Get a copy of the plan

Papakura Local Board - Joint CCO Engagement Plan 2021-2022

This plan outlines how Papakura Local Board and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) will work together on community priorities.

The CCOs include:

  • Auckland Transport
  • Tātaki Auckland Unlimited
  • Eke Panuku Development
  • Watercare

This plan also creates a framework for reporting progress.

Get a copy of the plan

​Papakura Metropolitan Centre Framework for Action

This document identifies how to move forward and lay the foundations for the new Papakura Metropolian Centre.

Get a copy of the framework

​Papakura Open Space Network Plan (OSNP)

Our network plan records the actions needed to deliver a sustainable, high quality, open space network for the Papakura Local Board area.

Get a copy of the plan

​Papakura Greenways Plan

This document defines the long-term greenways plan for the Papakura Local Board area.

It is intended for use by:

  • elected members
  • council and CCO officers
  • community and volunteer groups
  • private developers
  • other interested parties.

Get a copy of the plan

​Papakura Play Network Gap Analysis

This study helps us make informed choices on playspace development, priority and relevance from a network perspective.

Get a copy of the analysis

​Drury-Opāheke Structure Plan August 2019

This plan sets out a pattern of land uses and the supporting infrastructure network for the future urban growth of Drury-Opāheke.

Get a copy of the plan

​Hingaia Reserve Concept Plan

Adopted in September 2019, this concept plan will inform future development of the Hingaia Reserve.

Get a copy of the plan

​Smiths Ave Concept Plan

Adopted in August 2018, this concept plan informs the development of Smiths Ave Reserve.

Get a copy of the plan

​Kauri Heart Reserve Concept Plan (previously Airfield Reserve)

Adopted in March 2019, this concept plan will inform future development of Kauri Heart Reserve (formerly Airfield Reserve).

Get a copy of the plan

​Keri Downs Park and Carisbrook Reserve Concept Plan

Adopted in July 2019, this concept plan will inform future development of Keri Downs Park and Carisbrook Reserve.

Get a copy of the plan

​Opaheke Park Concept Plan

Adopted in May 2017, this concept plan will inform future development of Opaheke Park

Get a copy plan

​Drury Sports Park Complex Master Plan

Adopted in September 2020, this masterplan will inform future development at Drury Sports Park.

Get a copy of the plan

​Prince Edward Sports Park Master Plan 

Adopted in September 2020, this masterplan will inform future development at Prince Edward Sports Park.

Get a copy of plan

​Papakura Sports Need Assessment

Read our budget plans in full.​

Manurewa Takanini Papakura Integrated Area Plan

In October 2017 both the Manurewa and Papakura Local Boards adopted the Manurewa Takanini Papakura Integrated Area Plan.

This integrated area plan provides a development framework for Manurewa, Takanini and Papakura over the next 30 years.

This plan reinforces the area's role as the gateway to the south, while protecting and improving each centre.

Five key ideas guide the transformation:

  • Protect our future.
  • Love your centre.
  • Celebrate the story.
  • Make way for the people.
  • A voice for youth.

We will monitor the plan and refresh content so it remains relevant to the area's vision.

See the Manurewa Takanini Papakura Integrated Area Plan page for more information.

​Archived documents

If you are unable to find a document you are looking for you can:

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