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Types of engineering approvals

The type of engineering application you need to submit will depend on what works you are proposing, and the circumstances surrounding them.

Minor engineering approvals

These approvals are for specific and less complex works, like:

  • public stormwater connection within the site
  • renewal of public stormwater pipe to same grade and alignment
  • isolated rehabilitation of existing pipe or manhole
  • raising or lowering a public manhole lid.

Major engineering approvals

These approvals are for complex works like:

  • public stormwater, wastewater or water supply extension/system
  • public road or road widening
  • private road
  • relocation of public drainage or water supply system
  • public stormwater pond or wetland
  • public stormwater catchpit, soakhole
  • public swale/watercourse
  • piping of an open watercourse
  • bulk earthworks.

​Find out more

See our Quality Assurance Manual for more information on requirements and procedures for engineering approvals.

​Alternatively, contact us and ask to speak to the duty engineer in your area.

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