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When you need an engineering approval

Ngā wā e hiahia ohiatanga mahi hanga pūkaha ai koe

Types of work that need an engineering approval

Apart from a resource and building consent, some development projects need engineering approvals, particularly if they involve installing an infrastructure asset like:

  • public drainage and wastewater
  • stormwater, flooding and overland flow paths
  • effects on roads
  • parks
  • pipes
  • pumps.

We can help you get the engineering approval

Our team of development engineers:

  • assess the designs
  • confirm the assets are constructed according to our standards and the asset group's requirements
  • provide engineering input
  • inspect public drainage
  • accept the assets into council ownership.

Our tip

Conditions of approval will tell you when your engineer and other representatives need to be on site for the required inspections.

Asset groups, like Stormwater, Parks, Auckland Transport (AT) or Watercare, manage the infrastructure assets.​

Find out more

For more information on requirements and procedures for engineering approvals, see our Quality Assurance Manual.

​Alternatively, contact us and ask to speak to the duty engineer in your area.

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