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Rules for subdivision of property

Ngā ture mō te wawaetanga whenua

The Auckland Unitary Plan has rules you need to consider if you want to divide your property into separate legal titles. This process is called subdivision.

When subdivision of property is allowed

Factors that may influence whether your subdivision would be allowed, include:

  • the size of your property
  • the zone your property is in (different zones have different minimum areas for new subdivided lots)
  • whether there are existing dwellings on the land or if there is an existing land use consent for more dwellings
  • whether the ground is stable or prone to hazards (e.g. flooding, erosion or contamination)
  • if there are any restrictions on existing titles
  • whether new stormwater or wastewater drainage is necessary or if existing pipes may need to be upgraded
  • vehicle access, parking and manoeuvring. 

Our tip

The subdivision process can be quite long and expensive.

Get professional advice and work out potential costs before starting the process.

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