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7. What happens next

Publish a public notice

Place your public notice as soon as possible.

The public have 25 working days from the date of the online notice to object to your application.

During this time, the police and the Medical Officer of Health will also look into your application.

For more information, see Notify the public of your alcohol licence application.

Wait for a decision on your application

We assess your application:

Your application will be reviewed by:

  • New Zealand Police
  • Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

One of our alcohol licensing inspectors will visit your business site and review your host responsibility policy.

We will forward your application to the District Licensing Committee for the final decision.

If your application is granted

If the District Licensing Committee approves your application, you will need to pay an annual fee before we post your alcohol licence to you. Your new licence lasts one year.

You will need to:

  • apply to renew it at least 20 working days before the expiry date
  • display your licence in a visible location near the main entrance of your premises
  • pay an annual fee on the anniversary of your licence.

We will send you a reminder letter stating the fee.

After your first renewal, you'll need to apply to renew your licence every three years, at least 20 working day before the expiry date.

If your application is contested

We will let you know if:

  • members of the public object to your application
  • NZ Police Auckland Regional Public Health Service or our inspector oppose your application.

The District Licensing Committee will contact you if you need to attend a public hearing before a final decision is made.