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Franklin planning maps

Auckland Council District Plan - Operative Franklin Section 2000 planning maps

These maps reflect all operative provisions, as well as the separation of mapping between Auckland, Waikato and Hauraki Councils.

To view Waikato District Council planning maps, visit the Waikato District Council website.

To view Hauraki District planning maps, visit the Hauraki District Council website.

Map grid PDF 1.7MB

Map grid index 100-111, excluding 103 and 109 series PDF 2MB

Map grid index 103 series PDF 1.5MB

Map grid index 109 series PDF 1.6MB

Map index PDF 591KB

Map legend PDF 85KB

Map 1: Manukau Heads PDF 688KB

Map 2: Awhitu PDF 275KB

Map 3: Urquhart Road PDF 229KB

Map 4: Karaka North PDF 305KB

Map 5: Hunua Falls PDF 349KB

Map 6: Hunua Ranges PDF 200KB

Map 7: East Coast PDF 283KB

Map 8: Awhitu West PDF 340KB

Map 9: Waiuku River North PDF 998KB

Map 10: Linwood Road PDF 685KB

Map 11: Runciman Road PDF 1.0MB

Map 12: Ararimu PDF 401KB

Map 13: Hunua Dams PDF 336KB

Map 15: West Coast PDF 243KB

Map 16: Waiuku River South PDF 1.3MB

Map 17: Waiuku Road PDF 566KB

Map 18: Pukekohe East PDF 1.3MB

Map 19: State Highway 2 PDF 628KB

Map 20: Mangatangi PDF 351KB

Map 22: Karioitahi PDF 472KB

Map 23: Aka Aka PDF 382KB

Map 39: Orua Bay PDF 280KB

Map 40: Big Bay PDF 180KB

Map 41: Grahams Beach PDF 547KB

Map 42: Awhitu and Kauritutahi PDF 301KB

Map 45: Matakawau PDF 498KB

Map 46: Matakawau Point PDF 293KB

Map 47: Clarks Beach west PDF 243KB

Map 48: Clarks Beach east PDF 264KB

Map 49: Te Toro PDF 210KB

Map 50: Glenbrook Beach PDF 218KB

Map 51: Kingseat PDF 326KB

Map 54: Mission Bush PDF 260KB

Map 55: Patumahoe PDF 535KB

Map 56: Paerata PDF 375KB

Map 57: Paerata PDF 356KB

Map 58: Pukekohe PDF 336KB

Map 59: Pukekohe PDF 246KB

Map 59A: Pukekohe PDF 365KB

Map 60: Pukekohe PDF 540KB

Map 60A: Pukekohe PDF 357KB

Map 61: Pukekohe PDF 674KB

Map 61A: Pukekohe PDF 352KB

Map 62: Pukekohe PDF 291KB

Map 63: Pukekohe PDF 265KB

Map 64: Pukekohe PDF 230KB

Map 65: Buckland PDF 262KB

Map 68: Waiuku PDF 271KB

Map 69: Waiuku PDF 649KB

Map 69A: Waiuku PDF 281KB

Map 70: Waiuku PDF 340KB

Map 71: Waiuku PDF 294KB

Map 72: Waiuku PDF 231KB

Map 73: Waiuku PDF 239KB

Map 84-85: Waiau Pa, Te Hihi PDF 125KB

Map 86-87: Karaka, Karaka South PDF 223KB

Map 88-89: Paparimu, Bombay PDF 136KB

Map 94-95: Roseneath Road, Waiau Beach PDF 266KB

Map 96: Drury South PDF 301KB

Map 100: Designation - Road widening PDF 189KB

Map 101A: Designation - Building line PDF 322KB

Map 101B: Designation - Building line PDF 255KB

Map 102: Designation - Airport obstacle limitation surface PDF 168KB

Map 103: Sites of special wildlife interest PDF 594KB

Map 103A: Sites of special wildlife interest A PDF 845KB

Map 103B: Sites of special wildlife interest B PDF 340KB

Map 103C: Sites of special wildlife interest C PDF 769KB

Map 103E: Former Kingseat Hospital site PDF 219KB

Map 104A-G: Business zone - Special control PDF 1.1MB

Map 104I: Special controls within business zone PDF 219KB

Map 105A: Structure plan area PDF 208KB

Map 105F: Special controls within a structure plan area PDF 448KB

Map 106: Road hierarchy PDF 445KB

Map 108: Sites of threatened plant and animal species PDF 426KB

Map 109A: Environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 2.5MB

Map 109X-A: Outside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 1.1MB

Map 109X-B: Outside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 1.7MB

Map 109X-C: Outside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 669KB

Map 109X-D: Outside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 1.3MB

Map 109X-E: Outside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 1.2MB

Map 109Z: Inside the environmental enhancement overlay area PDF 2.7MB

Map 110A: Rural countryside living zone - Ecological corridor (stream areas) PDF 351KB

Map 110B: Rural countryside living zone - Natural and physical resources plan PDF 3.6MB

Map 110C: Rural countryside living zone - Landscape and visual absorption capacity plan PDF 2.7MB

Map 110D: Rural countryside living zone - Reserves and connections PDF 2.5MB

Map 110E: Rural countryside living zone - Landscape and visual absorption capacity plan PDF 1.2MB

Map 111: Coastal forestry - Topic 35 PDF 504KB