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PC 42 (Private) Auckland Regional Landfill Wayby Valley

Happening now

Open for further submissions

until 09 July 2020

About the plan change

​This private plan change seeks to introduce a new precinct into the Auckland Unitary Plan – the Auckland Regional Landfill Precinct.

The precinct will identify the Auckland Regional Landfill precinct in the planning maps, and will introduce new provisions, specific to the precinct.

The reasons for the Private Plan Change request are summarised by the applicant as follows:

  • To appropriately recognise landfills as infrastructure within the Auckland Unitary Plan, by identifying a site within Auckland that has been assessed as being suitable for a new landfill, and describing this site through the use of a precinct and managing future effects of activities within the precinct through bespoke objectives, policies and rules;
  • In anticipation of a landfill being established at the site, providing recognition of the site in the planning framework for the Auckland Region, consistent with the treatment of other largescale infrastructure in the region, and to manage potential future reverse sensitivity effects;
  • To enable efficient operation of a future landfill at the site throughout its operating life, by  targeting future re-consenting requirements to the nature of the discharge and measures to avoid, remedy or mitigate effects.

The council has also received a resource consent application to construct and operate a new regional landfill on the site.

This resource consent application has been jointly notified with this Private Plan Change request. See more information on the notified resource consent application.


​Notification on 26 March 2020 .

Submissions closed on 26 May 2020.

Further submissions open 25 June 2020.

Further submissions close 09 July 2020.

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