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Ngā Mahere, whakaaetanga me ngā rīpoata mō Puketāpapa

Puketāpapa plans, agreements and reports

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Over the coming months, we want you to help us shape the draft local board plan for Puketāpapa.
Local boards now have more power to make decisions over local services and assets. But at the same time there are increased challenges. The cost of living and providing services has gone up, as well as the costs of borrowing money and doing business.
To help us make decisions that best reflect the needs and priorities of our community, tell us what is most important to you.

​Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2020

The Puketāpapa Local Board Plan is the guiding document for the local board and is its strategic three-year plan to outline the communities' priorities and preferences.

Local board plans guide local board activity, funding and investment decisions.

They also influence local board input into regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan (the 30-year vision for Auckland), the council's 10-year Budget (Long-term Plan) and the annual budgets.

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​Translation in te reo Māori

​​You can request accessible word documents of local board plans through our contact centre on 09 301 0101 or by visiting one of our service centres.

Puketāpapa Local Board Agreement (budget)

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

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Read our budget plans in full.​

Puketāpapa Local Board progress reports

Local boards make decisions on local matters, provide local leadership and work with you to build strong communities.

Read about the Puketāpapa Local Board's progress and achievements:

Puketāpapa Local Board — Joint CCO Engagement Plan 2021-2022

This plan outlines how Puketāpapa Local Board and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) will work together on community priorities.

This plan also creates a framework for reporting progress.

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​Accessibility in Parks Assessment (2018)

This assessment outlines principles of universal design for inclusion in future park development to ensure access for all and key opportunities to improve some of the most important parks within Puketāpapa.

Activating Parks for Diverse Cultural Communities (2018)

This document investigates how the diverse communities of Puketāpapa currently engage with their local parks and identifies opportunities for how we could improve them in the future.

​Becoming a low carbon community: An action plan

Puketāpapa Local Board has drafted a localised carbon reduction plan, supporting the ten year Energy Resilience and Low Carbon Action Plan. The plan aims to reduce greenhouse emissions locally.

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​Drinking Fountain Provision Assessment (2019)

This assessment maps the current network of drinking fountains within Puketāpapa and presents a prioritised list for future expansion.

​Fruit Trees Network Plan (2020)

This plan maps the provision of fruit trees and community gardens across Puketāpapa, identifying principles and guidelines for where and how these could be provided in the future.

​Healthy Puketāpapa Action Plan

The Puketāpapa Action Plan aims to create an environment that supports and encourages healthy behaviours. By addressing the drivers of social disadvantage, everyone will have a fair opportunity to reach their full health potential.

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​Heritage studies

The Waikōwhai Heritage Study is a way to encourage and revitalise public use and appreciation of an area that has historically been misused and damaged by poor waste management practices.

The board is developing a walkway along the coastline of the northeastern shoreline of the Manukau Harbour and this heritage study is designed to support that project and people’s perception and value of the area.

The Three Kings Heritage Study is designed to assist with the understanding of mana whenua associated with Te Tatua a Tiukiuta and the wider heritage environment that encompasses the Three Kings Precinct Plan.

​Play Provision Assessment (2021)

This assessment maps the provision of formal playspaces across Puketāpapa, including the size, experiences provided and the age range of equipment. It identifies opportunities to improve the network, given the context of rapid population growth and funding constraints.

​Public Toilet Provision Assessment (2019)

This assessment maps the current network of public toilet facilities within Puketāpapa and presents a prioritised list for future expansion.

​Puketāpapa Greenways Plan

The Puketāpapa Greenways Plan 2012 outlines a high-level vision for the development of a “Greenways Network”.

The plan identifies a local network of interconnecting greenways. It is based on the three unique and defining landscape threads within the Puketāpapa Local Board area: volcanoes, streams and coastline.

The greenways network uses these landscapes, as well as the existing State Highway 20 cycleway, parks and coastal walkways within the area.

​Greenways Plan review 2017

In 2017, the local board produced a report looking back on the implementation of the plan, and the development of the Puketāpapa greenways.

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​Puketāpapa Local Board Road Naming Guidelines

The Puketāpapa Local Board Road Naming Guidelines is an addition to the Road naming guidelines by applicants in the local board area.

​Seating Network Plan (2020)

The Seating Network Plan maps the provision of seating and picnic tables across Puketāpapa, identifying principles for when these should be provided and opportunities to improve the network.

​Shade/Shelter Provision Assessment (2019)

This assessment presents a rationale for where to invest in shade and shelter, including both formal shade like shade-sails or shelters and natural shade provided by trees.

​Te Auaunga Oakley Creek Vision and Restoration Strategy (2016)

This strategy outlines our vision to restore and celebrate the Te Auaunga Oakley Creek catchment.

​Te Auaunga Tohu Implementation Plan (2019)

The plan outlines the first stage of implementation of the tohu to increase public awareness and engagement with the awa within Puketāpapa.

​Three Kings Plan

In August 2014, Puketāpapa Local Board published “The Three Kings Plan — Te Tātua o Riu-ki-uta” through consultation with the community, iwi, major landowners, and other stakeholders.

The Three Kings Plan will:

  • guide development of Three Kings as a well-connected place for people
  • protect, enhance and celebrate its unique heritage
  • help create a vibrant town centre.

See Three Kings Plan for more information.

Waikōwhai Walkway Action Plan (2018)

The plan updates the Manukau Coastal Walkway Development Plan (2015), outlining key priorities for future walkway renewals and upgrades, and the development of new walkway connections.

​Puketāpapa local parks concept plans

Puketāpapa Local Board has outlined the 10-year-vision for the future development of several local parks.

Archived documents

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