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Resource consent conditions and monitoring

Ngā Here me ngā mahi arotūruki whakaaetanga ā-rawa

​Resource consent conditions

If we grant your consent, there will be conditions you need to comply with. We will monitor your site to make sure you comply with those conditions.

To comply with resource consent conditions you may need to:

  • notify us when works start
  • complete work within set timeframes
  • advise us when steps have been taken
  • have an aspect of your activity signed off by one of our staff.

There may also be limits on what you can do. 

All of this information is detailed in your consent conditions. 

Monitoring resource consents

Monitoring your resource consent conditions may involve:

  • monitoring by the consent holder. This may involve supplying records or reports to demonstrate compliance with the conditions (e.g. an acoustic report on ongoing noise levels).
  • routine inspections by our monitoring inspectors

Consent fees and breaches

We charge fees for resource consent monitoring at an hourly rate. The fees vary according to the different skills and technical knowledge required from our staff.

If you do not meet the conditions of a resource consent, we may take a variety of steps, including issuing:

  • an abatement notice (an official notice requiring you to follow a specific course of action)
  • an enforcement order (court-backed order demanding compliance)
  • an instant fine.

Severe breaches of the conditions of a resource consent can result in prosecution and a fine imposed by the courts.

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