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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Direction 2: Attract and retain skills, talent, and investment

​Auckland is competing globally for investment and talent. This is challenging given talented people are internationally mobile and actively sought after across the world.

The combination of our Māori identity, population diversity, Pacific connections and beautiful natural environment, creates a vibrancy and authenticity that Aucklander's value and which attracts people from around the world.

A creative city rich in arts and culture also helps to attract people to Auckland and makes them want to stay.  This results in a more vibrant city that delivers benefits which can be shared by all Aucklanders.

Read the Toi Whītiki Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan for more information.

Growing awareness of Auckland's attractiveness as a dynamic cosmopolitan centre attracts talent, in particular young people with talent, to move and  stay here. This will help to off-set the impacts of an ageing population and workforce.

A diverse, energetic and environmentally aware Auckland will continue to entice creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit who will lead innovation in the years to come.

As well as talent, Auckland needs to attract 'smart' capital, meaning capital that comes with associated skills, knowledge and capability. Access to smart capital helps to break down the barriers to growth that result from our size and distance from important markets.

New Zealand's regulatory settings, international reputation as relatively free from corruption and a good place to do business in, makes Auckland a good option for foreign investment.

However, we need to improve the cost of living, housing affordability, and infrastructure and connectivity – both physical and digital. This will create a better quality of life for existing residents and make Auckland a more internationally attractive business proposition.

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