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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Whakatinana i ngā putanga kōwhiringa, taurikura hoki

Implementing the opportunity and prosperity outcome

​Implementation partners

Auckland's businesses are the backbone of Auckland's economic future.

Central government sets the legislative framework for businesses to operate in and provides leadership through its different policy settings.

Auckland Council's economic development action plan outlines the council group's contribution to economic development. This is built on existing programmes and incorporates how we work in coordination with key partners to implement this part of the Auckland Plan 2050.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, a council-controlled organisation, works with partners to deliver multiple objectives, from growing Auckland's innovation culture and key economic sectors to attracting foreign direct investment, international events and visitors from around the world.

Through the supply of adequate infrastructure, central and local government help create the physical environment within which enterprise can thrive.

Several partners collaborate to create the learning environment of the future, including education and training agencies and organisations, research institutes, and COMET Auckland (a community education charitable trust).

Mechanisms used to work together

Auckland businesses are represented by a range of national and regional advocacy groups and professional bodies, each with specific priorities and work programmes.

Businesses engage with central government through these groups, and with each other through a range of networks.

Business and the education sector will need to work collaboratively for their mutual benefit, to create opportunities for individuals to develop the right skills and potentially to deliver innovative commercial products.

There is an ongoing need for stakeholders involved in the creation of positive learning environments in schools, tertiary institutes, and in the workplace to work together in order to deliver coherent actions on the ground. This may involve Auckland-wide strategic approaches that align planning and monitoring and define collaborative action.

Advanced industries are critical to the future of Auckland's economy as they rely on innovation and add high value through bringing capital and jobs into New Zealand.

Auckland has a multi-agency approach to grow advanced industries that involves: attracting investment, research and development activities, providing supporting infrastructure, addressing skills shortages to secure a talent pipeline, and supporting the growth of international trading relationships to increase export revenues.

Supporting strategies and plans

Te Mahere Whanake Ōhanga: Economic Development Action Plan

The Economic Development Action Plan aims to enable "a more regenerative and inclusive economy for the people and wellbeing of Tāmaki Makaurau."

It provides a coordinated reference point for the Auckland Council Group’s contribution to Auckland's economic development over the next three years.

Learn more about Te Mahere Whanake Ōhanga: Council’s Economic Development Action Plan.

Learning environment

Government agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission have a range of strategies and plans that will contribute to creating a high quality learning environment in Auckland. Some of the key strategies include:

  • Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success
  • Toi Whītiki - Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan - The plan's overall goal is to enable arts and culture to be integrated into our everyday lives, and create a culturally rich and creative Auckland. One of its six goals is to build a flourishing creative economy. It is a ten-year plan, delivered by Auckland Council in partnership with the creative sector.
  • I Am Auckland - the Children and Young People's Strategic Action Plan - This plan sets out the strategic direction for Auckland Council to help children and young people reach their full potential. It contains seven key strategic goals, including opportunities to access learning, development and pathways to employment.
  • Digital inclusion - Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

Auckland Council’s strategies, policies and plans have acted as an important input in the development of Auckland Plan 2050. With the adoption of the plan, the council will assess these documents to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

How to get involved

Supporting information

  • Information about the initiatives that Tātaki Auckland Unlimited delivers across business growth and innovation, business attraction and investment, tourism, international education, film and major events can be found on the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited website .