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​Kaupapa wai āwhā me ngā awa rerenga wai

Stormwater and waterway projects

Improvement work on stormwater network and waterways

We regularly carry out improvement work on our region's stormwater network and waterways.

These projects aim to:

  • manage stormwater flow
  • minimise flood risks
  • reduce pollution
  • prevent contamination in our waterways
  • improve water quality.

The work may involve:

  • increasing the capacity of the stormwater network
  • installing pipes
  • replacing concrete channels with naturalised streams.

Work hours and disruption

  • Work hours are usually from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • We will notify affected residents if we need to work outside these hours.
  • We aim to keep noise within regulations.
  • We manage traffic onsite to help motorists through road closures and reduced access.

Current stormwater and waterway projects

View our interactive dashboard of current initiatives to find out about water improvement projects your area.

Screenshot of the Current Water Improvement Projects map.

These projects aim to:

  • reduce flooding
  • maintain and upgrade structures to extend life and improve safety
  • improve water quality and ecosystem health.


College Hill emergency stormwater pipe replacement works

Lower Khyber Pass stormwater separation project

Improving water quality in Wynyard Quarter

Freemans Bay stormwater network separation project

Ōkahu Bay outfall diversion project

Ports of Auckland outfall upgrade project

Portland Road enhancements

Stanmore Road stormwater upgrade project

Waterview separation project


Milford stormwater project

Rodney drainage districts maintenance

Stanley Bay Reserve stormwater outlet project

Sunnybrae Road Stormwater Project


Taniwha Reserve stormwater upgrade

Whitford water quality improvement project


Awakeri Wetlands stormwater improvement project


Clinker Place stormwater pipeline

Corban Reserve stormwater upgrade project

Kumeū flooding review

Te Atatū Peninsula stormwater upgrade

​Information for landowners and residents

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