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Food registration and alcohol licence fees and charges

Schedule of fees and charges for food registration and alcohol licences from 1 July 2022

  • All fees include GST.
  • All fixed fees are non-refundable.
  • All fees listed are indicative pricing only and are subject to change.

Food registration fees

These costs may vary depending on the level of risk involved in your food business.

Not all the fees listed on the table below may apply to you and you may have to pay other charges not listed here.

  • ​We calculate registration fees on a set minimum time. Any time in excess of this will incur an hourly fee.
  • We will charge all corrective follow-up activity per 30 minutes, plus time spent in accessing information and travel time for site visits.
  • We may charge additional hourly charges for appointments cancelled at short notice and, in some cases, where we can't complete the verification.
  • For more, see Apply for food registration.
Read fee table.
Type of planFee
National Programme - Renewal$186
National Programme 1 and 2 - Verification$372
National Programme 1, 2 or 3 - Registration$279
National Programme 3 - Verification$558
Template food control plan - Registration$372
Template food control plan - Renewal$186
Template food control plan - Verification$744

Verification service fees

All registered food business need to be verified by a recognised verification agency.

We can provide an estimate quote for verification of certain types of National Programmes.

For more information see Apply for verification for your food business.

Outdoor dining licence fee calculator

Outdoor dining licence charges will vary depending upon location and size of the area involved.

Use our online outdoor dining fee calculator to estimate the costs involved.

Outdoor dining fee calculator

Alcohol licence fees (for on-licence, off-licence and club licence)

The cost of an alcohol licence for on-licence, off-licence and a club licence all vary depending on different factors. Our online calculators can show you an estimate of the costs involved.

Alcohol on-licence fee calculator

Alcohol off-licence fee calculator

Alcohol club licence fee calculator

​You need to pay an application fee when applying for a new licence or renewing a licence.

If the application is granted, you will also need to pay an annual fee before the licence can be issued. The annual fee needs to be paid every year by the anniversary date of your licence.

After the first year, you will need to apply to renew your alcohol licence every three years.

These fees are set by the government and not by the council.

Read fee table.
Category Application fee Annual fee
Very low risk$368$161
Low risk$609.50$391
Medium risk$816.50$632.50
High risk$1023.50$1035
Very high risk$1207.50$1437.50

Alcohol special licence for events

This licence fee depends upon the size and number of proposed events.

Manager's certificate (alcohol) fee

​For more, see Apply and pay for your manager's certificate.

Read fee table.
Licence typeFee
Manager's certificate$316.25

Alcohol temporary authority fee

For more, see Apply and pay for an alcohol temporary authority.

Read fee table.
Licence typeFee
Alcohol temporary authority$296.70

​Alcohol licensing building and planning certificates

For more, see Apply for alcohol licensing building and planning certificates.


Read fee table.
Type of certificateFee
Alcohol licensing building and planning certificate base fee (non-refundable, additional charges may apply)$1105

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