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Aratohu 10-hātepe tukanga tono whakaaetanga hanganga

Building consent process 10-step guide

Follow our easy 10-step guide to applying for a building consent.

​​Step 1 – Prepare your building consent application

You must first prepare your building consent application, and include all required information, documentation and lodgement deposit fee.

If you need help, we offer:

Step 2 – Apply for a building consent

You need to lodge your building consent application with us.

If you are having trouble at any point in the consent process, call us on 09 301 0101.

Step 3 – Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

If you have requested one, we will issue you with a PIM. This will advise if there are any site-specific hazards and whether a resource consent is needed.

A PIM is voluntary.

Step 4 – Development contributions

If your project is a residential development, or involves creating retail or commercial space, then development contributions may apply.

We will send you an information sheet outlining the charges that could apply.

Step 5 – Processing your application

Once you lodge a building consent application with us, we have 20 working days to process it. During this time we may request further information from you. If this happens, the 20-day clock is stopped.

Step 6 – The outcome of you application

After we complete the processing and reach a technical decision, the clock stops. We then let you know the outcome and send an invoice for any outstanding fees and charges.

If you applied online, you will receive the decision through your online account.

If you applied in person or by post, we will confirm your consent decision by email.

Step 7 – Issuing your building consent

Following payment of fees and charges, we will grant and issue your building consent.

Building inspection requirements are listed and attached to the conditions of building consent.

Step 8 – Starting your building work

Once we issue the building consent, the building work must start within 12 months (or any specified extended period we have already granted to you).

You will need to apply for an extension if you need more time to start work.

Step 9 – Inspections

The purpose of inspections is to examine whether the work being carried out meets building code standard.

There are several types of building inspections.

Step 10 – Issuing of a Code compliance certificate (CCC)

On conclusion of the building work, you need to apply for a Code compliance certificate (CCC). We must decide whether to issue a CCC within two years of the building consent being granted.

Once we grant your building consent, there may be other certificates and compliance you may need to apply for. 

Help to complete an online application

For those having trouble completing an online building consent application, consult our downloadable customer guide.

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