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Notice of Requirement – Eastern Busway 3 Commercial (Auckland Transport)

Closed for submissions

About the notice of requirement

​Notice of requirement lodged by Auckland Transport for a public work, being the construction, operation, and maintenance of Eastern Busway 3 Commercial from Ti Rākau Drive, adjacent to Riverhills Park to Ti Rākau Drive, adjacent to Guys Reserve; including two new bridges, an offline bus route through Burswood and a new Burswood bus intermediate station.

The Lodged documents include documents lodged for the Notice of Requirement for the Eastern Busway Stage 4 Link Road (EB4L).

Appendices 16, 24, 28 and 29 relate to assessments associated with the resource consents sought in conjunction with this Notice of Requirement.  Upon Public notification of these resource consent applications, these appendices will be uploaded.

You can view the resource consents applications here


​Lodged: 29 September 2023.

Notified: 08 December 2023.

Submissions close Midnight 30 January 2024.

Notice of requirement documents

Notification documents

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