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About the plan change

​The plan change affects the land within the “Wairaka Precinct” in Carrington Road.  The plan change includes the following:

Parts of the current Special Purpose (Tertiary) Zone no longer to be occupied by Unitec are proposed to be rezoned to the adjoining Business - Mixed Use Zone. 
A further strip of land is to be rezoned from Special Purpose - Tertiary Education to Residential - Mixed Housing Urban, adjoining existing Residential-Mixed Housing Urban zoning in the southern part of the precinct.   
A revised precinct plan and revised precinct provisions are proposed, including to allow for greater height for residential buildings.  
The existing Wairaka Precinct is proposed to be renamed Te Auaunga Precinct.


​Notification: 16 November 2023

Submissions close: midnight on 14 December 2023

Submission extended and now closes midnight 2 February 2024 (online form closes 11:45pm then up to midnight, email submission to

Auckland Council has made a decision to extend the closing date for making submissions on Proposed Plan Change 94 to the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in Part) under Schedule 1 to the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), from that originally notified. 

A precinct plan (Precinct Plan 3 - Te Auaunga Additional Height) that is referred to in the Plan Change provisions (Attachment 02) and the Planning Report (Attachment 01) has been amended by identifying Height Area 1 on the plan.  In all other respects the plan change is the same. 

Any submission made on the originally notified plan change remains valid.  You are welcome to make another submission.

Plan change documents

Notification documents

Clause 23 – Request for Further information

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