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Construction in the Road Corridor and Other Public Places Bylaw 2015

​This bylaw helps ensure people stay safe during construction projects which involve roads and other public places in parts of Auckland.

​What the bylaw does

This bylaw addresses building and construction that is not covered by the Building Act 2004, Building Regulations 2004, or other legislation.

It includes provisions for:

  • verandahs, balconies, awnings, projections from buildings and drainage
  • sanitary facilities like portaloos during construction
  • ensuring public safety and environmental protection, and minimising nuisance during construction and demolition
  • protection of public assets from damage.

Removing the Construction Bylaw 2015

We have reviewed the bylaw and will allow it to lapse on 29 October 2022.

We will use existing regulations to address matters related to public safety, nuisance and damage from construction-related activity bordering or connecting to Auckland Council-controlled public places or infrastructure.

Read the full decision for the Governing Body meeting on 23 September 2021 (Item 15) at Infocouncil.

Get a copy of the Construction in the Road Corridor and Other Public Places Bylaw