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Ture ā-Rohe Tahu Āhuru Noa te Ahi i Waho 2014

Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw 2014

Fire safety management in New Zealand has changed

With the passing of the Fire and Emergency Act 2017, certain fire control responsibilities have transferred from Auckland Council to the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand organisation (FENZ).

FENZ is an amalgamation of:

  • the New Zealand Fire Service

  • the National Rural Fire Authority

  • rural fire districts

  • territorial authority rural fire authorities.

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By phone

0800 658 628


Removing rules in Auckland Council’s Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw

The creation of FENZ means that Auckland Council’s Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw is now out of date.

After reviewing the bylaw, we now consider it appropriate to remove certain rules because they are better addressed by existing regulation.

The changes include:

  • Fire and Emergency New Zealand regulates Auckland’s fire seasons, fire permits, open-air controls, overgrown vegetation, open-air fires and fire hazards. If you see a fire that is dangerous, a threat to person or property, call 111 from a safe place

  • The Auckland Unitary Plan regulates smoke and ash nuisance from outdoor fires. To report offensive smoke from a fire, call our 24/7 pollution hotline on 09 377 3107.

Bylaw rules covered by Fire and Emergency New Zealand have been revoked from 21 November 2020.

The remainder of the bylaw will be revoked on 18 December 2021.

Read the full decision for the Governing Body meeting on 29 October (Item 12) online at Infocouncil.

Get a copy of the updated Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw