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Ngā rīpoata hītori ā-tau

Historic annual reports

You should know

All councils are required by law to:

  • produce an annual report
  • have financial and service performance information audited.
Our annual reports are audited independently by the Auditor-General. The audits are carried out according to requirements in the Local Government Act 2002.

The following aspects of the annual reports are audited:
  • financial statements
  • service performance information.

The scope of the audits does not include:

  • climate statements
  • any introductory messages by the mayor or chief executive
  • any other information on our website
  • any links in the audited documents.

​What historic annual reports provide

These historic annual reports set out how we contributed to the Auckland Plan outcomes, what was achieved each year and what we delivered against the 10-year budget (long-term plan) and annual budget (annual plan), or the equivalent documents of the legacy council organisations.

The annual reports since 2010 incorporate information from our council-controlled organisations (CCOs) and Port of Auckland, each of which produce their own annual reports.

Historic annual reports for our CCOs and Port of Auckland are available on their websites.

Annual Report 2021/2022

​Annual Report 2020/2021

​Annual Report 2019/2020

Annual Report 2018/2019

​Annual Report 2017/2018

​Annual report 2016/2017

​Annual report 2015/2016

​Annual report 2014/2015

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